How to Manifest Money for Success

The theory of money manifestation stems from the law of attraction and the New Thought spiritual movement. This ideology promotes the belief that positive thoughts and affirmations bring about like results. 

Proponents of manifestation believe that the theory can empower them and improve their careers, personal lives, health, and finances. Although we support positive thinking, money manifestation alone may not solely lead to financial success.

Educating oneself about finances and implementing financial literacy practices is ultimately the most realistic method to achieve monetary success. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to also incorporate positive thinking and affirmations to keep you motivated on your financial journey.  

What is Money Manifesting?

Money manifestation is based on the idea that everyone can make money if they change their mindset to attract it. In some ways, it’s the power of positive thought. 

Individual manifesting money

This theory was popularized by Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” and Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret.” According to Hill, mental visualization of one’s goals can help one achieve them. The author purported that positive thoughts spurred subconscious desires, which could then be translated into action. 

Ultimately, both authors advanced the theory that intense visualization of success can lead one to attain it. 

​​How to Manifest Money Fast?

As mentioned previously, it is unlikely that money manifestation will yield results singlehandedly. However, the theory of attraction can be coupled with a thorough financial plan to achieve success. Here are some ways you can start incorporating money manifestation:

Keep An Open Mind

First, ask yourself what your intentions and goals are. Then, clearly and specifically define what you intend to manifest from the universe. For instance, rather than simply manifesting a raise, be specific: set your intentions for a 10% pay increase. Once you’ve consciously set your intentions, work to keep an open mind on how you can attract your goal. 

Practice Positive Affirmations

Proponents of manifestation state that positive affirmations are a method to help you stay goal-oriented. One method of sticking to your financial plan or objectives is to write them down and repeat them every day. Here are some affirmations you can utilize:

  • “Every day is a new start and opportunity to work towards my goals.”
  • “Each day is a chance for me to get closer to my goals.”
  • “I recognize the benefits of my hard work, and it excites me to keep working toward my goals.”
  • “I am thankful and proud of all my accomplishments. I will continue to work on bettering myself.”

The law of attraction and manifesting money is deeply rooted in numerology, focusing on 369.

Close up on affirmations

Founders of the theory assert that special numbers, also referred to as “angel numbers,” help during manifestation. As a result, many people practice the following three-step affirmation routine:

  • Say your affirmation three times in the morning
  • Say your affirmation six times in the afternoon
  • Say your affirmation nine times in the evening 

In addition, to verbally reinforce your affirmation, you can also write it down or create a vision board. Whichever practice you choose, affirmations can help you visualize your goals and subconsciously attract them.

Use Goal-Setting Techniques

Setting goals is important in all areas of life, but it’s especially important when it comes to making money. Setting goals is something we do to look forward to getting something. There will always be a bigger, more exciting goal on the other side when you reach one of your goals.

Before you make clear objectives when manifesting money, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What am I working towards?”
  • “What do I plan to use my newly acquired wealth for?”
  • “How can I enhance my life with money?”

Goal setting can help shift your mindset and refocus your efforts on working toward your goals. Although manifesting money is largely a subconscious process, you will need to actively work towards attracting it too. Reminding yourself of your goals can encourage you to work harder to achieve success and financial freedom

Assign Value and Intention to Your Money

Just like setting goals can help you stay motivated, assigning value to your purchases can help you see the larger picture. When making a large purchase, view it as an investment in your future. Of course, this isn’t an excuse to justify frivolous spending. Instead, add value to purchasing a property or buying a car. Some examples are as follows:

  • “I’m investing money in this property so that I may live in a secure and pleasant environment.”
  • “I’m paying for a gym membership so that I may develop healthy habits and feel good about myself.”
  • “I’m paying off my car to have a reliable form of transportation.”

Change How You View Money 

“Like Attracts Like” is the primary rule of the law of attraction. So, if you have a terrible attitude, how are you going to attract money? Undoubtedly, everyone has made poor financial decisions in the past. However, don’t let this affect your current financial health

Hill acknowledged failure; however, he asserted that these missteps must be acted on immediately. They were to be taken as learning opportunities to spur individuals to work harder to achieve their goals. 

First, accept these mistakes as learning opportunities and move on. Then, let go of past missteps and focus on your affirmations and goals. Rather than putting negative thoughts into the universe, direct your thoughts to positive visualizations and actions that promote your goals. 

Visualize Your Accomplishments

As mentioned, vision boards are a great tool to visualize your goals and accomplishments. Imagine yourself at the finish line: see yourself using the money, envision how you will feel, and what your life will look like.

Vision board saying "365 new days 365 new chances," notepad, pen, coffee, and plant

Visualization can help keep you motivated while also sending positive energy into the universe, increasing your attraction efforts. 

Be Thankful

Much of the money manifestation technique is maintaining a positive attitude and mindset. Therefore, it is important to refrain from focusing on what you don’t have, how far away you are from your goals, or how much money others have. 

Instead, be grateful for what you have and the steps, however small, you take towards reaching your goals. In addition to stating or writing down your affirmations, you can also verbalize your thanks to the universe. This can also come in handy if you feel discouraged. Reading through a gratitude journal can help you realize how far you have come and all that you have to be thankful for. 


You’ve been manifesting and employing the law of attraction your whole life, whether you realize it or not. However, as strong as manifestation is, it is only effective when it is paired with action on your behalf. This entails placing yourself in situations that will allow you to make more money, find more love, or obtain that promotion at work.

The world can be your oyster if you can master manifestation and the law of attraction.